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Sweetwood Bakery

Do you ship your cakes?


  • Not currently. Hope to in the future!


Do you deliver?


  • Yes! Delivery fees are based on where you are located.


There is a specific flavor I am looking for, but I don’t see it on the menu. can I request a flavor?


  •   Yes! Contact me here, and I will do my best to create what you are looking for!


How should I store my fresh Sweetwood cake?


  • If you aren’t serving your cake till later on, keep the cake in the box or airtight container in the fridge. If you purchased a cake with buttercream, be sure to take the cake out of the fridge at least an hour prior to serving time to allow the cake to come to room temperature.


I have leftover cake, how should I store it?


  • IF you happen to somehow have cake leftover ☺, store the cake in the box in the fridge. A secret little tip I always give to my customers is to take a piece of SaranWrap and press it against the cut edges of the cake to keep it as fresh as possible.